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A Parliament of Rooks

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Meme: Crocodile Tears
I'm not really sure how one goes about STARTING a meme but I would like to do that. So, please play along if you would like.

Meme: Think of the last thing that made you cry. Be honest. Like, if if was a traditional tragedy like loss or something horribly frustrating but superficial like dropping your phone in the toilet or some incredibly noble shit someone did that made you glad to be part of the human race, just go with it. Then pick a fandom and apply it to a character or characters (or rpf) in a comment-sized or longer story and then post here or give me a heads up so I can read it.

e.g. Time permitting I will absolutely write a story tonight that has Selina Kyle crying about Justin Bieber getting a speeding ticket (which I did because A) I am a crazy person as evidenced by A and also by B) I don't even know who Justin Bieber is) And it won't even be (entirely) crack. I know. You're curious.