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A Parliament of Rooks

the many places here can mean

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(no subject)
Ever taken a peek back at stories you wrote yeas before and wondered, "How the hell did I write hundreds of thousands of words about someone else's character?" And then immediately thereafter read a succession of comments that boiled down to, "Nice but too short" and therefore decided bagels were a much better idea than picking up writing for the internet again. 

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(Deleted comment)
I'll take a glance now and then when a new fandom interest comes upon me but the excursions are inevitably brief since I just can't muster up the time or desire to commit to dredging for quality.

The first part, yes, but not so much the second part. Although now that I've finished my monster Finnick/Annie fic, I am getting the old "great, but where's the sequel?" comments.

Oh yes, I know that one well. Years out I still get the rare hopeful inquiry as to whether I'm secreting another 100,000 words about certain southern supernaturals somewhere on the internet.

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